IRP Supplemental Application - Commercial and Farm Trucks Vehicle Services

As of March 1, 2019, our office has implemented a web-based IRP application for you to process many of our supplements through. This new program has been created to provide invoices and IRP 45-Day Temporary Permits much more quickly. You will need to follow the printed instructions regarding your payment.

Note: If you purchased a 2021 IRP 45-Day IRP Temporary Permit on or before Feb. 28th , you must submit the application via mail, remitter, or by appointment in Springfield. The web-based application has been designed to start with March registration fees.

You will use the PIN located in the email you received for all IRP transactions on the web. You will no longer receive a new PIN at renewal time. Please contact us if you need a new PIN assigned to your firm for any reason.

We will be able to process the following changes to your file:

You will have the opportunity to purchase an IRP 45- Day Temporary Permit ($3) for these changes, with the exception of renewable units, at the same time as long as your firm is not prevented from doing so due to previous Temporary Permit abuse. IRP 45-Day Temporary Permits will no longer be available at Secretary of State Facilities.

Print everything provided at the end of the web supplement process and then follow the instructions to submit your payment. We strongly suggest submitting your payment within 10 days to allow for sufficient processing time.

Specific details in regards to this new process:

Certain transactions are unable to be processed via our web supplement such as:

These applications may be processed via email, by appointment in Springfield, by mail, or by remitter service. The applications will be processed in the order received. The processing time will depend on the volume of work submitted.

Important guidelines to follow in March

Some are new and vital to your operation:

Two-year processing is also a key piece of knowledge during renewal season:

  1. All 2021 invoices should be paid before electing to process your renewal on the website. If you do not do this, you are taking the chance something will be missed, which would cause a potential issue for your file in the near future.
  2. Pay your renewal as soon as possible if you plan to make changes to your IRP file prior to April 1.
  3. If you have all your 2021 invoices paid (as well as updated in our system), then process your renewal and you are assuring yourself that all units will be on your renewal.
  4. If the criteria are met from A., most future 2021 transactions will generate an invoice for 2022 automatically in our office without requiring another application. We will email you a new invoice once it is created.
  5. Re-classes, lessor changes, unit number changes, and USDOT for Safety changes will not create new invoices.
  6. If you do not plan to make changes to your file, but want to get your invoice early so you know how much to pay, then please do so; however make sure to meet the deadlines given to you with your renewal PIN.

Note: We CANNOT pay a 2021 invoice and your 2022 renewal invoice on the same day.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulty processing your application(s) on-line, please call the Commercial & Farm Truck Division at 217-782-4815 or by submitting the contact form.

This Web site is provided for authorized companies to expedite the processing of their IRP credentials. Unauthorized access or use is prohibited. Accuracy is the responsibility of the person entering the required information into this system. Failure to adequately ensure that proper information is provided is not the responsibility of the Office of the Secretary of State of Illinois, the Vehicle Services Department, the Commercial and Farm Truck Division or the IRP Section. All invoices generated are based upon information herein provided by you. System safeguards are in place to prevent improper or unacceptable information.